The Longest Walk II

lw-4A year ago this month, close to 200 people left San Francisco, California on a five-month journey that ended in  Washington, DC last July.  The  Native American-led Longest Walk II  visited sacred sites and Native nations all across the country, raising awareness about continued environmental degradation of Native lands and political marginalization of Native people.  The Northern Route retraced the steps of the original Longest Walkers, whose 1978 cross-country walk resulted in the passage of the American Indian Religious Freedom Act.  Another route headed south through Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana before heading north to DC. 

I invite you to go to my audio page and listen to Making the World Aware: The Longest Walk II Crosses the US, a documentary about my time with these courageous walkers.  If you missed the Walk last year, travel now with the Northern Route as it enters Western Colorado and the Southern Route as it crosses Navajo Territory in Northern Arizona.  Join longtime activist, Dennis Banks, Jimbo Simmons, Hualapai Apache and Dine elders, as well as walkers from all over the world for this historic cultural and spiritual journey.  And, thanks for listening.


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