Pryor Mountain Wild Horses

The countdown has begun for the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse herd.  Despite protests, (BLM head, Bob Abbey has stopped taking calls due to the overwhelming amount), BLM has decided to move forward with a round-up scheduled for next week.  The entire herd is to be rounded-up and 70 are to be removed from the range. 

The Cloud Foundation filed an appeal to the Department of Interior based on BLM’s environmental assessment issued earlier this summer but details about further legal action based on the current decision notice are not available. 

Native Americans from the Northern Cheyenne, Lakota, and Crow Nations will gather this weekend for a Freedom Ride and ceremony for the horses.  Stay tuned for more information and photos from that event…

And, thanks for listening…



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2 responses to “Pryor Mountain Wild Horses

  1. I would ask this question: When the majority of the American people have asked our elected officials to stop the BLM from rounding up our wild horses with inhumane methods, to stop the transportation of our wild horses to slaughter, to take our wild horses back to the ranges where they were found , to reinstate the original 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Protection Law, and they still do not do these, then why do we send these people to Washington to vote for us? Then why do they continue to let the BLM employees stay in their positions when they continue to treat our wild horses with outdated methods? Then why are the BLM still in charge of our wild horses? WHY? What do we have to do to saave our nation’s wild horses? What do we have to do?
    That the House passed the protection bill last year and that it was not even introduced onto the Senate floor and thus died completely is immoral.
    Is this what will happen again this year? Senator Harry Reid, from Nevada, I ask you: Are you going to put it on the floor of the Senate this year, or will you let it die again? WIll you join the likes of Burns? Shame on all of you…the BLM, the elected officials, the Senate.. and all of you who turn a deaf ear to our wild horses and to our voices of the USA.

  2. Hi Amy! I finally get here and have a chance to see what you are up to. Any news from the Red Desert? I am surprised no one has found a notice from BLM. HSUS has just come on board the moratorium and says the wild horses and burros belong on the range, not in holding. They want the roundups stopped. I have been in touch with TJ Holmes out at Spring Creek Basin. It may be Spring before I get out there. I will be visiting Farmington and the little facility there and maybe Canon City adoption. Mar

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