Wild Horse Advocates File Suit Against BLM to Stop Pryor Mountain Round-Up

In a last-ditch effort to preserve the freedom of the Pryor Mountain wild horse herd, the Cloud Foundation and Front Range Equine Rescue have filed a lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management in Federal Court in Washington DC.  In a statement released today, the groups cite genetic viability of the herd as their main concern.

The herd numbers close to 200 horses. BLM plans to remove 70, which the groups claim is too small for survival.  Dr. Gus Cothran, of Texas A&  M University, is quoted in the press release and states that 150-200 horses are necessary for a minimal population.  BLM says it is actually increasing the amount of horses the range can handle; however, this still means the agency wants to remove 70 mustangs. 

The lawsuit comes fast on the heels of BLM’s decision to move forward with the controversial round-up, despite public outcry. The round-up is scheduled for early September.

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One response to “Wild Horse Advocates File Suit Against BLM to Stop Pryor Mountain Round-Up

  1. when will the horses in America ever be safe. if they wanton destrucion of wild horses continues against the will of the people there will be none left and the spirts will haunt the mountains for ever. I hope the greed of the Phoney BLM is exposed . One more travesty in this country. we are suppose to be a compassinate people . not so.

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