Pryor Mountain Mustangs Get Temporary Reprieve

Dateline: Lovell, WY

The mustangs in Montana’s Pryor Mountains won’t be rounded up today, as originally planned by the Bureau of Land Management. The Cloud Foundation and Front Range Equine Rescue filed a lawsuit on Friday, August 28, and the BLM agreed to delay the round-up for two days until the suit is heard in Washington DC.

BLM spokesperson, Greg Albright, confirmed today that the agency is waiting for a decision from the Court before moving forward with plans to round up the historic herd.  “If we prevail, we’ll start the round-up,” said Albright. “If we don’t, we won’t.” 

Ginger Kathrens, director of the Cloud Foundation, along with filmmaker, James Kleinert, and others held a ceremonial ride into the Pryor Mountain wild horse range on Saturday, culminating in a Native American ceremony to protect the horses.  Kleinert said, “Despite all of the facts and documentation that has been presented to the BLM, the Secretary of the Interior, Congress, and Senators, the brutal round-ups continue. Over 33,000 wild horses are in government holding facilities; more than remain in the wild. The desecration of our wild horses and public lands is appalling. The BLM is destroying a valuable, beautiful, and prfound part of our American heritage. The majority of the American people have spoken out and we want this to stop.” 

Kleinert was referring to over 8,000 signatures on a petition calling on Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, to stop the round-up as well as calls, faxes, and emails that have been pouring into BLM offices from Montana to Washington DC over the past week.   According to the BLM’s National Call Center, over 300 calls came in on Friday, August 28th.  Albright put public response to the round-up at close to 1,000 calls or emails. 

Judge Emmet Sullivan will hear the injunction on Wednesday, September 2, in Washington DC.


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