Pryor Mountain Round-Up Begins

Dateline: Lovell,WY

Judge Emmett Sullivan ruled yesterday against the temporary restraining order filed by the Cloud Foundation and Front Range Equine Rescue last week to stop the round-up of the Pryor Mountain herd.  At the time of this post, about a dozen horses have been gathered into the Britton Springs Corrals just outside Lovell, WY.  The horses were from the lower, Dryhead region of the Pryor Mountain range and included at least one foal.  No horses were hurt during operations.

Prior to the round-up, about a dozen men and women from around the country stood at the entrance to the Britton Springs corrals, calling for a halt to what they consider cruel and unneccesary management practices. 

Horses gathered from the Dryhead area over the next few days as well as those rounded up from other areas deep within the Pryor Mountain range and in the Custer National Forest will remain in the Britton Springs corrals until September 26th, when some will be available for adoption. 

Ginger Kathrens, director of the Cloud Foundation still hopes to put a stop to the round-up before more horses are captured.  

Stay tuned…

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