New Wyoming Slaughter Bill: Conflict of Interest?

Let me get this straight.  On March 3, 2010, the State of Wyoming passes HB 122, allowing the slaughter of “estrays, livestock, and feral livestock”.   Representative Sue Wallis (R-Recluse) sponsored the bill.   Less than a month after the passage of the bill,  United Organizations for the Horse  (UOH) announces its “unified equine system” that offers to take so-called unwanted horses from private owners, brand inspectors, and law enforcement and either rehabilitate the animals, find other homes. or send them to slaughter.  Private owners get tax rebates for the value of the donated horse.  Brand inspectors and law enforcement get to feel good about finding a home for abandoned animals.  What does UOH get?

According to the website, UOH is a non-profit group, registered in Wyoming, but is working on obtaining a 501 (c) (6) status, which will officially make it a lobbying group.   The website also makes clear the reasons for UOH’s existence: 

  1. to restore humane and regulated horse slaughter in the U.S.
  2. to control the overpopulation of wild and feral horses on federal, state, tribal, and private lands. 

Oh, and Sue Wallis is the founder and sits on the Board of Directors.

What it doesn’t say is what kind of monetary remuneration UOH will receive by selling its donated horses to slaughter.  It also does not make clear exactly where those animals will be sent for slaughter.  (Hey, how about Wyoming, Sue?)  The interests of Representative Wallis seem murky at best; the bill she sponsored will clearly benefit the lobbying organization for which she is responsible.   

As for the wild horses, that’s another issue; however, last May, the Casper Star Tribune reported that UOH had plans for wild horse legislation.  I’m not surprised.  Conrad Burns, author of the infamous 2005 Burns Amendment to the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act, which opened the door to sale authority and slaughter of mustangs, is also on the UOH Board. 

Stay tuned.  And, thanks for listening.



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6 responses to “New Wyoming Slaughter Bill: Conflict of Interest?

  1. Carolyn Brunson

    Just what is this org all about? I agree, the health and welfare of the animals or slaughter as many as they see fit. From what I have been reading, if I’m not mistaken, the wellbeing of the horses is the furtherest thing from their agenda. Also, “Slaugher Sue” seems to be riding the fame of Temple Grandin being an autistic genius, and her famous work in the livestock industry. Does “Sue” envision the same borrowed fame for the horse industry? I am no attorney, but I see a conflict of interest especially when the org has giveaways such as Dodge trucks, to recruit membership. Keep writing, there cannot be enough articles on this subject until these pro slaughter people GO AWAY!

    • They are working on a new device that will make horse-slaughter “humane,” a new kind of captive bolt gun with a longer barrel, perhaps? Dont they know there is no way to make slaughter humane? Its not about “helping horses,” its about helping themselves to the money to be made in the horsemeat industry.
      We MUST not let that happen! Just say WHOA to Horse-Slaugher! ALL Americans against Horse-Slaughter must make their voices heard, loud and clear. The enemys are circling their wagons for an all out attack.

    • TerryW

      Yes, with “friends” like these, horses don’t need enemies.

      Has anyone told the citizens of Wyoming how much time their state representative spends promoting the slaughter of America’s horses for foreign meat markets? Is this really what they voted for when they elected her?

  2. Maggie

    Thanks for bring the truth out in the open. Slaughter Sue is no friend to horses. Neither is Conrad Burns. We are on to them for sure.

  3. Lisa Norman

    Again, no mention that EU regulations will remove American horses from that market; a market which is crumbling now as consumers realize they’ve been eating poison meat from horses butchered alive. Who does congress (sue) work for? Americans or foreigners? I love how they refer to PUBLIC land as federal land. How much does this slaughter facility cost to build? How many wild horses are left? Not enough to last a year. May a plague of misery come upon UOH and undescribable suffering for they are evil.

  4. Bini Abbott

    Those people who want “to RESTORE humane and regulated horse slaughter in the US” should look at the pictures taken by the Department of Agriculture inspectors of serious infractions (cruelty) to horses when the slaughter plants were operating in the US. These pictures were obtained under FOIA. Look up to see over 500 heartrending pictures of the “humane and regulated” treatment received by those poor souls prior to their death!!!!!

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