Poll: Fire Rush Limbaugh?

The wires are all abuzz with radio personality Rush Limbaugh’s splenetic rant directed at Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke and her testimony to Congress about birth control. He called her a slut and a prostitute, and demanded she post sex videos online. He also offered to supply her with aspirin, presumably his idea of birth control, to place between her legs.

I’ve heard that one before. It only works if the woman’s legs hold the little round aspirin pill in place.

According to reports, at least three companies have pulled ads from his nationally syndicated show. Women’s rights activists have condemned his vitriol. And, Limbaugh has apologized. But is that enough?

Three years ago, both NBC and CBS Radio dropped Don Imus –  and his syndicated Imus in the Morning radio show – for slinging slurs about the Rutgers University women’s basketball team.  What’s the difference between this and Limbaugh’s biliousness? 

From Western Colorado wants to know what you think. Is it time for Rush to move on?


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